sketch theatre

written by Jonathan A. Goldberg and Dan Moyer

A super crazy fun showtime extravaganza!
— Fringe | Famous
4 stars, Highly Recommended: “Wonderful writing”
— Twin Cities Daily Planet

A rotating collection of monologues and scenes, Ephemerama is Shelby Company's ongoing comedy show that creates a fractured suburban landscape populated by depressed magicians, two-timing closet monsters and eels. Lots and lots of eels. A rapid-fire picture of a world that is at once quotidian and utterly bizarre and the oddballs and outcasts who, for a brief moment, just might have the chance to shine. This inspired collection of scenes, jokes, theatrical burps and dramatic hiccups will make you laugh, gasp and think. 

between 2010 and 2016 Shelby Company has amassed nearly 100 short comedic pieces as part of Ephemerama and performed it all over the United States.  

Check out videos from many early Ephemerama sketches on YouTube, including Trailers from shows at The Cove NYC, full sketches, and more!

Monthly Programming

November 2011 - March 2013

Magnet Theatre - New York, NY


March 2011 - September 2011

The Cove - Brooklyn, NY

Individual Runs

November 2010

The Vintage Theatre - Scranton, PA


August 5-15, 2010*

MN Fringe Festival

Minneapolis Theatre Garage, MN


March 2010*

as part of Shelby West

Pear Avenue Theatre - Mountain View, CA

Complex Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

*as Uncle Shelby's Traveling Treasure Trunk

Awards and Nominations

Planet Awards

  • Outstanding Writing Short Form - Jonathan Goldberg and Dan Moyer (Trout Festival and This Man Shit In My Kitchen)

  • Outstanding Actor in a One-Act - Will Brill (nominee)

  • Outstanding Evening of One-Acts (nominee)

Actors, Designers and Directors

Brett Aresco, Adam Barrie, Ilana Becker, Leah Bonvissuto, Will Brill, Tucker Bryan, Phil Callen, Dana Clinkman, Nathan Dame, Kate Dearing, Adri DeGirolami, Grayson DeJesus, Kate Eastman, Jordan Fein, Deanna Frieman, Emma Galvin, Lauren Glover, Lucky Gretzinger, Bill Griffin, Mark Haddon, Luke Harlan, Lara Hillier, Carl Graham Howell, Marlena Kalm, James B. Kennedy, Nathaniel Kent, Laura Killeen, Amy Landon, Nick Lehane, Emily Marro, Tim McDonough, Michael Padden, Jenni Putney, Liam Rhodes, Kelly Rogers, Chris Rummel, Lauren Sowa, Annie Tippe, Sam Trussell, Jeremy Ungar, Ariana Venturi, Ryann Weir  

One Night Only Appearances

Ephemerama has been produced at various theaters and festivals as a special event or as part of a variety show. Some of those performances were at the following venues:

  • Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival, MI

  • The Prop Theatre, Chicago

  • Snowballs! Festival, NY

  • Build Your Own City Festival, Brooklyn, NY

  • Planet Connections Festivity 2011, NY

  • The Dragon Theatre, CA

  • The Eagle Theatre, NJ

  • Pier 17 Pavillion, NY

  • 17 Frost Theatre for the Arts, NY