New Beulah

written by Dan Moyer

An awesome success.... Moyer’s pacing was spot on, as tears of laughter would seamlessly flow into those pulled from the heartstrings. Enchanting and timeless.
— Laura T. Dalton
Hilarious, clever and heartwrenching all in one sitting. Especially impressive is each actors ability to translate age through posturing and vocal quality
— Michael Roderick

New Beulah is a small place with big characters. Told through vignettes, a small ensemble plays over twenty characters who struggle with the simple but overwhelming problems of daily life: love, loss, family, threatening conglomerates and Greenland.   A clever and gut-wrenching tale about a town on the brink of quiet disaster.


Production History

July 13-18, 2010

The Pear Avenue Theatre

Mountain View, CA


directed by Dan Moyer

With Peter Albrink, Siobhan Doherty, Candice Goodman, Shannon Harney, Roselyn Hewitt, Carl Graham Howell, James Kennedy, Nathaniel Kent and Emily Scott

 June 2009

Planet Connections Festivity

White Box Theatre, NYC


May 2009

Manhattan Repertory Theatre, NYC


directed by Jordan Fein

with Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Hadley Cronk, Emma Galvin, Carl Graham Howell, James B. Kennedy, Nathaniel Kent, Emily Kenyon Scott and Marisa Wallin

scene design by Christopher Ford

lighting and sound design by Chantel Pascente

costumes by Dakota Rose

slide design by Brian Hedden

stage manager Joie Bauer

February 2009 

 The Creek and the Cave

Long Island City, Queens


directed by Dan Moyer

with Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Hadley Cronk, James B. Kennedy, Nathaniel Kent, Georgia X. Lifsher, Dan Moyer, Emily Kenyon Scott and Marisa Wallin


Planet Awards, 2009

  • Outstanding Ensemble
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor - James B. Kennedy
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress - Marisa Wallin
  • Planet Activist Award  - for benefitting Democracy Now!
  • Congeniality Award - Nathaniel Kent
  • Outstanding Production (nominee)
  • Outstanding Sound - Chantel Pascente (nominee) 
  • Outstanding Projections - Brian Hedden (nominee) 
  • Outstanding Lead Actor - Carl Graham Howell (nominee) 
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor - Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Nathaniel Kent (nominees) 
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress - Hadley Cronk (nominee) 
  • Outstanding Postcard - Brian Hedden (nominee)