Real Dead Ghosts

written by Jonathan A. Goldberg

Finely crafted drama... Thoroughly believable performances.
— Pioneer Press
Entertaining and engaging. 5 STARS.
— Twin Cities Daily Planet
Strong acting. A witty script. Cool lights and set.
— Minnesota Playlist
Superbly written, funny, crackling. The writing is incredibly believable and also philosophically penetrating. The performances are heated then tender. Heartfelt and authentic. And there is also a touching levity to these characters – a spark of humour that makes them so real. The audience is truly immersed from the get-go and the play doesn’t let up its grip. Do not miss it.
— Bloody Underrated, Montreal
Gorgeous, evocative writing. Kent and Hillier bring the couple to life with intensity and intelligence.
— Martin Denton, IndieTheaterNow, NYC
Beautifully written, solidly performed. Goldberg’s dialogue rings of Edward Albee.
— Weston Clay, Theatre Is Easy, NYC
The dialogue pushed back and forth between Amber and Graham like a real argument. It was not an argument between enemies, but the fight of a long-term couple who find it too easy to forgive and too easy to blame their partner. The direction by Courntey Ulrich, along with Hillier and Kent’s portrayals, really made the script shine. Entertaining and thoughtful... More than your average comedy.
— Dana Ewachow, Mooney on Theatre, Toronto
Hillier, with her tightly wound portrayal of the almost desperately controlling Amber, is amazing to watch. The script is a right corker. Nathaniel Kent’s joking everyman Graham makes a lovely slow turn. It’s a dark, hard journey to watch, and taking it with these two actors is a real treat. They each get some fabulous moments of monologue, and interaction ranging from sweet and funny to utterly vicious. It’s a dandy, and no fooling.
— Kevin Reid, The Visitorium, Montreal
Goldberg’s writing is witty and distinctive. Actors Lara Hillier and Nathaniel Kent of New York’s Shelby Company are terrific.
— Martin Morrow, The Grid Toronto
Clever dialogue elicits laughs even in dark moments, and both Lara Hillier and Nathaniel Kent give energetic, emotional performances.
— Sharilyn Johnson, NOW Toronto

Production Credits

directed by Courtney Ulrich

with Lara Hillier and Nathaniel Kent

scene design by April Bartlett

costume design by Deanna Frieman

sound design by Kevin Brouder

lighting consultant Dan Henry

Previous Productions


*Audience Choice Award Winner*

February 21-March 8, 2014

UNDER St. Marks Theatre, NYC


Montreal Fringe

FINALIST *Jeffrey Mackie Award for Best Text*

June 12-22, 2014

Montreal Improv, Montreal


Toronto Fringe

*TOP 5 Fringe* - The Grid, Toronto

July 2-13, 2014

Robert Gill Theatre, Toronto


Minnesota Fringe

August 1-9, 2014

Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis